Free 14 Day Trial!

Unlike many other grids out there that give you a few hours to try them out, we want you to make sure your happy with our grid and services, give you a full 7 days to test our grid our easy purchase options will not ask for any billing information and you will receive a invoice 3 days before the region is due to be renewed.

Trial Terms and Conditions!

  • Businesses are not permitted to operate on a free trial region, however you can build up ready to open up.
  • Only 1 free trial region is permitted per account at any time.
  • Renames and moves are only permitted once the trial has been upgraded.
  • Trial regions can be upgraded to a region at any time within the 14 day trial period.
Create and build

7 Day Free Trial

5,000 Prims
256 x 256 Sqm

Name Your Trial!

When you are ordering your trial region with us you can pick your own region name providing it is in line with our Terms of Service and not a copyrighted or brand name.

What Happens After the Trial!

You will be sent a invoice via our system to your email address, if you wish to keep the region on simply pay the invoice and we will upgrade your region to our current region stats, we do all the hard work and you wont loose a thing you have built, it will be all ready for when you next login.