Purchase Your Own Region!

We have a number of different regions at very competitive pricing to suit everyone’s budget and requirements, If you can find the same region cheaper elsewhere (that isn’t a promotional offer) open a support ticket giving the details and we will match or beat the price. We accept PayPal and Stripe for ease of use and instant payments, If you are paying via a Credit Card at checkout please select Stripe Gateway (if accessible in your country). For mail orders or bank transfer payments please contact our support department for further information.

Rent From a Private Landlord!

GeVolution has a number of Landlords (Ladies) who have their own regions and have their own businesses running, Some have terraformed the land ready for new tenants, others are simply cheaper than buying direct. … View private landlords property.

Narrows – Protected Sea!

Started 29th July 2018 after a few members requested this to be added –  You can now have your regions connected to what were calling the Narrows, These are GeVolution Protected Sea regions (hosted and provided by GeVolution) eventually there will be hundreds creating one massive public area, Other regions will be connected to the Narrows and you will be able to visit them by boat, flying or even you have the energy even swimming. The Narrows will never be taken away and there is a fair few so this still gives you the privacy you need, if your boat friendly and want to allow visitors don’t forget to add a dock to your home so others can shore up and take a walk around.

Create and build

Please make sure you fill out all the fields so we can process your order as quickly as possible without delay. When ordering your region your region name must be 3 words max, Copyrighted or obscene names are not permitted. It can take upto 24 hours for your new region to become active (in most cases much sooner).

Scenic Region
Various Sizes
1,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – From $2.00 Month
Narrows – $N/A

Starter Region
256 x 256 Sqm / 1 x 1
10,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $5.00 Month
Narrows – $10.00 Month

1 Region Equivalent
256  x 256 Sqm / 1 x 1
25,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $10.00 Month
Narrows – $15.00 Month

4 Region Equivalent
512 x 512 Sqm / 2 x 2
75,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $20.00 Month
Narrows – $25.00 Month

16 Region Equivalent
1,024 x 1,024 Sqm / 4 x 4
150,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $40.00 Month
Black Narrows – $45.00 Month

32 Region Equivalent
1,536 x 1,536 Sqm / 6 x 6
175,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $50.00 Month
Narrows – $55.00 Month

64 Region Equivalent
2,048 x 2.048 Sqm / 8 x 8
200,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $60.00 Month
Narrows – $65.00 Month

100 Region Equivalent
2,560 x 2,560 Sqm / 10 x 10
250,000 Prim (LI) Capacity

Standalone – $70.00 Month
Narrows – $75.00 Month

What My Land Will Include!

Your new land will be a blank canvas (apart from ground textures of grass and sand mix) where you will be able to terraform, build, change textures, set your own maturity ratings and hypergrid access, Each region can have up to 10 Estate Managers to take care of your land in your absence (Gevo staff do not need access), If you need to restart your region this can be done inworld or from your website region console.