Region Bolt-ons

GeVolution has a number of different options for you and at competitive prices, from region move or rename to a region backup, You will need to be the region owner to order any of these services (Tenants and those who rent from landlords will need to contact your landlord to order any of these products).

Members who have premium membership still get a few of these services free (Region Backups, Region Moves and Region Renames) included with your premium membership, If you are premium and wish to order any of those please open a support ticket.

Create and build

Region Backup …

Built a region up and wish to keep your region backup or to add your region to different grid. A download link will be sent to your registered email and be valid for 14 days after your order, Competitively priced at just $5.00 per file.

Prim Addon Pack …

Prim addon packs are ideal for any region who wish to have more prim (LI) allowance on their land. Our prices are very competitive at $1.00 per 1000 prim (LI) this is a monthly fee and will be included on your region invoice.

Move My Region …

Want to move your region to somewhere else on the map, we can do this for you within 24 hours (you may need to locate your region using the map after it has been moved), Priced at only $5.00.

Move My Region …

Rename your region to something else, had a change of heart or figured out a better name, we can change it for you without having to order a new product. Priced at only $5.00.