Money Back Guarantee!

All new orders for tangible goods (regions) are backed by our 14 day money back guarantee, If your not completely satisfied with your order / purchase open a support ticket within the first 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

(Excludes Currency Exchange, OAR and Promotional Offers purchases)

Services Overview!

GeVolution World Offer a number of different virtual services, from a region purchase to currency exchange, altho there is a small charge for our services we believe were offering the best value for money and keep our overheads down. We are aware that some grids do not charge for any of their services (give away free regions for life, give free oar and iar backups) Unfortunately these grids often fail and close their doors without giving their members / users a second thought.

Here at GeVolution we have been trusted by our members and we will continue to gain that trust and respect by offering a stable service. We don’t use our home computers to run and operate our grid, All our servers are direct from a data centre, these cost money each month to be kept online and active as well as paying our staff for their time and knowledge. Our service charges reflect that charge in offsetting the initial costs.

Create and build

Black Narrows – Protected Sea!

Started 29th July 2018 after a few members requested this to be added –  You can now have your regions connected to what were calling the Black Narrows, These are GeVolution Protected Sea regions (hosted and provided by GeVolution) eventually there will be hundreds creating one massive public area, Other regions will be connected to the Black Narrows and you will be able to visit them by boat, flying or even you have the energy even swimming.

The Black Narrows will never be taken away and there is a fair few so this still gives you the privacy you need, if your boat friendly and want to allow visitors don’t forget to add a dock to your home so others can shore up and take a walk around.

Free 7 Day Trial!

Unlike many other grids out there that give you a few hours  to try them out, we want you to make sure your happy with our grid and services.

Single Region Purchase!

We have a number of different region types to suit any budget, requirement and sizes from a 1 x 1 right up to a stable 10 x 10, Prices start from as little as $5.00 Per Month.

Scenic Region!

We are one of the few grids that offer scenic regions for boating, adding in little islands to sail or swim to or simply enjoy the scenery. Prices start from just $2.00 per month.

Region Bolt-Ons!

Order your region Bolt-ons, Rename your region, Move your region, OAR backups or simply add in extra prim packs to your region with ease.

Purchase Inworld Currency!

Purchase your currency to spend on your inworld avatar account, All currency transactions are completed manually and may take upto 24 hours to appear in your account.

Sell Inworld Currency!

Sell and exchange your GV$ currency holdings into cash and request a credit or PayPal credit. All requests are completed manually and may take up to 3 working days.

Professional Grid Hosting!

Ever wanted to run your very own grid, or operate a grid within a grid, using our very own custom and exclusive inhouse built fork of OpenSim (Cobra).

Create and build


When you place a order with GeVolution you are agreeing to our terms of service, We reserve the right to refuse any vulgar or obscene named regions, Currency Exchange (cashout) need to have all fields filled in for legal reasons.