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Discount Pricing Update

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7th November 2018
Today ive been holding a meeting with members of our staff, there is quite a few changes that are going to be implemented, one is a total redo of the prices, these were raised after bowing down to other grids, threating to block our access on the hypergrid if we didn’t raise them, today after a chat with staff ive come to a decision that GeVo is GeVo, we WILL do our own thing if others don’t like it then that is their lookout we will simply start naming and shaming those that block our access because they do not like our prices.
I will not bow down to peer pressure to suit others, GeVo is known and has been known for doing its own thing, its what gave us our name in the first place, this will continue to be upheld.
The first that will be changing is the Winchester, currently this is $10.00, we will be reverting this back to our old price of $8.00 ($5.00 extra if connected to the narrows)
Our website will be getting a little make over along with your account dashboards to make things even easier and user friendly, links will be placed with very easy navigation system so you will be able to find friends, partner, read offline messages and see your transaction history all from one place.
All this is happening this week, so keep a eye out on our blogs

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