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I have been contemplating our prices, our servers cost money, developments cost money … and we have come a long way since the good ole days and become one of the most stable grids active today.
New prices are as follows, yes a few prices to still adjust as other things are also being changed as well as some new web pages detailing what you can order and what you will receive (eg OAR backups), please note the prim allowance is much higher than other grids do, yes you can get the same size cheaper at other grids, but for the same amount of prims as well you will be paying much higher.
Anyway new prices are
Alaman (1 x 1  – 10,000 Prim Starter land) – $5.00
Winchester (1 x 1 – 25,000 Prim) – $10.00
Grayling (2 x 2 – 75,000 Prim) – $20.00
Dakota (4 x 4 –  150,000 Prim) – $40.00
Kaio (6 x 6 – 175,000 Prim) – $50.00
Lindworm (8 x 8 – 200,000 Prim) – $60.00
IronWing (10 x 10 – 250,000 Prim) – $70.00
Please note that current prices (those that took regions before the price raise) will not be affected and have effectively become grandfarther priced regions.
Ive also changed up the region purchase page this now included scenic regions from just $2.00, it looks a lot better and a lot less cluttered.

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