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InWorldz Closing

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InWorldz closing is a huge shock, it’s one grid I personally thought would continue. No doubt it will hurt the OpenSim community a great deal with many of their displaced residents becoming disillusioned and considering leaving OpenSim altogether to go back to the “safer” haven of SecondLife. GeVolution has been a long standing 3D virtual world although we had troubles to begin with as Genesis MetaVerse (we don’t hide from the facts). We’ve had a stable and successful record for the past 8 months since releasing our own fork called Cobra (current release v6.3.8) which is coded by our own committed inhouse development team, Sarah and Crystal. Since Dec 2017 when Cobra was first bought online we’ve had approximately 1 hour down time (due to human error, as we overlooked switching over to the backup system to update code).

With Inworldz closing quickly, a lot of their residents are scrambling for new places and trying to find the best possible solution for their business, roleplay or to simply have fun and meet new people. InWorldz residents will be losing everything but their filtered OARs (if those are successfully saved) so those not moving to their new grid when it opens will basically have to start from scratch. We understand how they feel, having lost everything ourselves at one time and would like to do something to help.

We are also the only grid as far as we know who show our payouts every month (we are commercially orientated), we do not think any other grid does this – . We are also opening up our marketplace very shortly; we purchased this from another grid a while ago and are currently looking into expanding this to deliver across the Hypergrid.

GeVolution has taken those displaced into our thoughts and understand that they will have to start over wherever they hang their hats.  The following is on offer from us to all InWorldz displaced members:    

We will be giving away for the 1st month all region sizes (1st month will be totally free). This is to allow them to settle into a new home, explore and start to set up their avatars, businesses and get their virtual lives back on track.     After the 1st month we will discount our prices for a further 3 months, all regions will be 50% off the already low marked prices –  (normal pricing will resume after 3 months)    Roleplay pack regions will also be discounted 50% for the first 3 months. If they have an OAR of their region we will also upload that free of charge to their new region in GeVolution World. (bear in mind some scripts may need tweeking as InWorldz ran a different code). All regions will have full ownership, they will be able to restart, change all information, set their own maturity ratings and can even turn off Hypergrid access if they wished to (needs to be done by us). 

Those that had no regions but had free homes in Inworldz can also take advantage of our free homes on our mainland area (still being expanded) and have access to GeVolution Protected Water regions which are connected all over our mainland.

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