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Roleplay Region Purchase!

A roleplay region pack is a ideal way to build up your very own community base before setting up your very own grid, why not take advantage and see if you can build up a user base before you shell out for servers and code. A Grid within a grid server youll be able to have upto 30 standard sized regions (20,000 Prims) per server, your grid will still use our sign up, utilise our currency, our search and all the goodies GeVolution has to offer. You do not need to have all regions online you can do this when your ready. If you choose to take the bigger regions (Varr) this amount will drop but still works out much cheaper than purchasing one at a time.)

You can turn hypergrid on or off, the possabilities are endless, you can even have the currency switched out to utilise Gleobits if you prefer. Daily backups to our backup server as standard and included. Your private grid server will be activated within 2 working days of reciving payment, your monthly renew will not start until the server is online and connected to our grid.

Want to have your own grid without the hastle of doing code, maitinance, updates or handle the currency, now you can start your very own grid within GeVolution. We take care of all the coding, currency, and support requests, leaving you to concerntrate on running your server how you wish it to be run.

If you decide in the future to upgrade to your very own virtual world, you will have the base to do that and we will supply you everything you need to move to your very own virtual world.

Our Server Specs!

We only use dedicated servers direct from the data center, we do not use cloud based servers, all our servers have windows 2012 installed. When you purchase from us your buying direct and not from a 3rd party.

  • Intel X5670 2.93 GHZ – 12 Cores / 24 Threads
  • 32 Gig Ram (memory can be upgraded)
  • 1x 240 Gig SSD Hard Drive (Running the operating system)
  • 2x 1tb Hard drives (2nd hard drive running in mirror)
  • Free Networking to our systems.
  • Anti DDOS Protection as standard
  • Malware Protection as standard.