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GeVolution World  …. Where Your Dreams Can Come True!!!

Welcome to GeVolution World a unique 3D virtual world. One of the fastest growing virtual worlds around today. Our unique blend of technology, members and inworld content will be sure to capture your imagination. You can meet new and interesting people from all over the globe, create a home, build a business, explore to your hearts content or just party the night away with friends and family.

Establish relationships and do all the things you can and can not do in real life but in a safe, sane and consensual virtual reality. Enter a world that can be all you want it to be, letting you be whatever you desire, If your going to live, why not live with asperation and discover your virtual dreams ….

Stable And Secure Infrastructure!

We pride ourselves on our secure network of solid state drive dedicated servers, local networking for faster response and less lag, utilising our own infrastructure (We do not use cloud servers), Our systems run automatic nightly backups of all region files (OAR) and avatar files (IAR) these backups are stored at four different locations , three of which are now kept offsite for extra safety just in case the worst should happen we will always be able to retrieve your hard work.

Open A Virtual Business …

GeVolution is a commercial orientated virtual community, You could become a creator, builder, land baron (landlord), event coordinator or simply run and operate a club, the possibilities are countless that you could earn from.

We believe in complete transparency, unlike other grids will show exactly what we have paid out to our members each and every month.
Why not start your virtual business today …. We paid out over $8,500.00 to our members in 2017.

Competitive Prices!

Our pricing is very competitive starting from as little as $5 (Alamans), If have a bigger idea or require more land then just check out our other option’s, right up to a 10 x10, when you order a region from GeVolution you know you can rest assured you are getting a quality region, our dedicated servers are carefully load balanced for stability, each new region is placed at least 5 regions away from its nearest neighbour for the ultimate privacy.

Fancy a try before you buy, while other grids offer a few hours or a day to try them out, GeVolution give you a full 14 day (2 week) free trial with a no obligation.


256 x 256 Sqm (1 x 1)

25,000 Prim Allowance.
Upto 10 Estate Managers.
Full Ownership Rights.
Daily Backups.


512 x 512 Sqm (2 x 2)

75,000 Prim Allowance.
Upto 10 Estate Managers.
Full Ownership Rights.
Daily Backups.


1024 x 1024 Sqm (4 x 4)

150,000 Prim Allowance.
Upto 10 Estate Managers.
Full Ownership Rights.
Daily Backups.


2560 x 2560 Sqm (10 x 10)

250,000 Prim Allowance.
Upto 10 Estate Managers.
Full Ownership Rights.
Daily Backups.

Why Choose Us!

Cobra Opensim!

Our very own fork of OpenSim (Cobra) is always evolving with new innovations and additions coded by our own inhouse tech team for our members to enjoy and explore.


We use our own dedicated SSD server’s you will never find us using a shared cloud server we only use the best to keep us stable for the best experience for our community.


Offline messages to email, Voice chat, Vehicle and boat smooth crossings, Havok Lite Physics, Region Restarts Inworld and from website, Free Uploads Plus many more.


Experience a grid that actively encourages a community environment, One that works together as a team to make everyone’s virtual world experience all that it can be.

No Quibble Guarantee!

New region orders are covered by a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee, If your not completely satisfied submit a support ticket for a full refund.


Our unparalleled support has 5 star praise from our member’s that have had a issue, We aim to answer all support tickets within 24 hours. we are contactable several ways