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Today id like to give a update on “Podex Exchange”, as most know he has taken 1 Million GV$ (which was loaned to him to start trading under his request) and sold it for rl money under his currency exchange .. this amounts to $700.00 US Dollars, we had been trying to message him to get a repayment scheme set up there was twice (a offer of $50.00 per month) but he failed to adhear to the agreement or even repay 1 cent, then 2 months ago he made a offer to repay wanting to repay at 50 cents a month which was refused. (as this would have taken near 20 years to repay)

We filed court proceedings against him (as he refused to repay or reply to our lawyers and thinks its one big joke) to recover what he has taken out of our grid from our members (as his business is registered in the UK) and he has failed to respond to official court letters and emails or fill out his earnings records for court officials.

Today 11/May/2018 at 9.30am UK time Podex Exchange (aka Jacek Shuftan) failed to turn up to a court summons issued by the court, nor did he send representative for his court case, Our Lawyer went heavily armed with all conversations (skype and emails when he was responding), all print outs of his account and also with transactions records.

Our next stage to recover what he has sold and refuses to repay is now underway in the form of bailiffs and a debt collection agency, We have also escalated this to Magistrates court for theft and fraud.

Just goes to show what is actually going on and Jacek Shuftan (Owner of Podex Exchange) has zero intention of repaying what he owes. We urge everyone to find a alterative method to exchanging currency between grids, or to find a grid that does not use Podex as their main source of currency, instead find one that utilises and controls its own currency that way you have backup for your money.


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