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Your Getting Started Guide!

Getting started in a brand new grid should not be a daunting task, nor should it be mission impossible, We want everyone to enjoy their experience and tell their friends.

Step 1 – Creating a new avatar!

This is the hardest part of your new life and forever home in GeVolution, as with most new grids its always the picking of a name that most think the longest on, Whats more you can even pick a surname for your avatar. You can create an Avatar that is similar to you in real life or go in a completely opposite direction. Not only can you be human but you can also become a creature of any type or even an adorable furry, robot, animal or even a creature of the night avatar. Your new avatar can be changed in-world to anything and as often as you wish.

When creating your new avatar spend a few moments to have a think of what you would like your name to be, Unlike other grids you get to pick your first and last name.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Viewer!

When choosing your viewer be sure to do your research on each one, altho we recommend Singularity each viewer has a plus and minus, your viewer choice can make all the difference in your virtual experience.

Singularity (Alpha)

We recommend this viewer for ease of use and its uploading options.


Good Viewer and used by over 60% but does have some quirks when using in OpenSim.


We have not tested this viewer as yet but have been told that it is easy to use.


This is a beta release viewer use at your own risk, We have not seen this in action as yet..

If there is any other viewers you use that we have not listed, let us know about it via our support desk and we will add them to our list, give as much information as possible so others may make a informed decision.

Step 3 – Setting Up Your Viewer!

In the viewer options (whichever one you have chosen to use) you will need to have a custom URL added to access our grid, Open your viewer and in preferences add a new URL.

  • Click Preferences (top left corner)
  • Click Opensim (left hand column)
  • In the address field (add URL) copy and paste – and hit apply
  • (Bottom of the viewer) Enter your login information you registered with (First and Last name)
  • (If you did not choose a surname at registration use Resident)
  • , Connect to – choose GeVolution from the grid selector
  • Login

Step 4 – Connecting to the grid!

Once you have created a free avatar, set up your viewer you can start to explore this brand new world, Open your viewer and at the bottom fill out your full avatar name (if you didnt pick one put Resident) and in the drop down for connect to make sure it says GeVolution.

To be sure you are connecting to our grid your opening page on your viewer should look like this one –